Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014

Business Management with Worksnaps

Picture yourself a business owner. You don’t have to be a big one, but one that is doing what he does best. Narrowing down, why not you be into mobile website development. It’s a good business, one where not much has penetrated. It has a big demand, but still very few suppliers. It will definitely bring a steady line of customers. But more importantly, it will help realize the rising trend of mobilization.

Now picture yourself on the backend of your business. Employees will be working for you, both for production and for management. Picture all the activity that will surely be going on: interested customer wanting your service, orders taken and the production team steadily delivering work. Not to mention the management team humming along in the background, organizing everything else. You need all the help you can get. Which is where Worksnaps come in.

Organizing your projects and with a time management feature as well? The Project-Task feature has helped in keeping track of where each employee is at and what they are working on. The time tracker will also get you a feel on how long the employee is doing the task. You will know something is not quite right when they linger on a task or if they are up to schedule if they don’t. The task and time recording falls on Worksnaps Client, which each employee installs in their units while you can check everything from logging into the Admin account where all of it are stored. All these in one tidy package of Worksnaps.

Picture yourself a business owner who’s using Worksnaps. Instead of endless pages of report, you only get one-two pages of task and time reports for all your employees. Instead of allotting two hours just to get through them, you only spend thirty minutes - and even squeeze time for an assessment as well! And with this free time, you can devote even more time to your responsive web design. And picture this: win-win-win!

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