Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014

When assessing an employee, it is sometimes a pain to trace every little task and every last second or minute that they have spent doing it. Tracking from the first day of their employment to the duration of their assessment is only the beginning. You track, you trace and then you record. And that’s just the time management side of things.

With Worksnaps, time - and even project! - management has become just another performance indicator that you can do in a matter of minutes. The Reports feature answers the concern raised above. With Reports, you can not only see the tasks and minutes spent in one week, but you have the option to see how much time was spent in just one task (if you intend to be thorough or just one task is of your interest).

You can generate a report of your choosing. Simply create a new report and select the options that you most need for your assessment. It will display all your needed information in a manner that you control. And in instances of employee assessments, you being in control is always a good thing.

For an office-based employee or even an on-call employee in a homebased business, with Worksnaps now an important means of assistance, keeping track of time has now been made easier. Therefore, managing the business has just gotten better. Your sense of control over your whole business has now just been fortified. And you can now concentrate on being the best.

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